The AFBJJ will endeavor to ensure the long life of Brasilian Jiu Jitsu in its natural progression.


Congratulations to all 2018 competitors. We have once again set a record for competitors in 2018.

Special congratulations to all of our number one ranked competitors - certificates have now been sent out to all of our outstanding 2018 competitors.

Thiago Ortiz, Rafael Ortiz, Jack Lucev, Isaiah Lazaro, Zara Kaiki, Lisa Boyd, Jennifer Potter, Brooke Butler, Susy Ferri, Jeffrey Hawkins, James Zai, Harrison Rourke, Alys James, Wendy Tran, Ruby Matic, Dean Middleton, Harry Pavlidis, Jeffrey Musundire, Ricky Pachon, Leila Baroudi, Claudia Pirvu, Jesse Armstrong, Ali Hussein, Daniel Schuardt, Billy Newman, Mary Wildner, Adele Fornarino, Laurino Scriva, Declan Moody, David Willis, Livia Gluchowska, Shane Poppleton, Burak Zikri Sarman, Michael Tohme.

Our 2019 competition schedule will be online before January 1.

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year