The AFBJJ will endeavor to ensure the long life of Brasilian Jiu Jitsu in its natural progression.


Hi all AJJC Compeitiors


Very few of you may notice that you are not located in the category of your choice. This is because our system does not allow Single Fighter Categories (SFC). If you were in a SFC you will have been moved to the next appropriate category. Juniors can go up in age or up in weight while Adults can go down in age or up in weight.

Please remember that you are only required to be in attendance 30 min prior to your category start time. Categories will not begin before their scheduled start time.

Weigh in will take place just prior to your first fight.

There are complimentary competitor T-shirts available to competitors while stocks last.

Thank you for setting a new teams record (67) and a new Black Belt category record (18 categories)

You can view the schedule at

We hope you thoroughly enjoy the 2017 AJJC