The AFBJJ will endeavor to ensure the long life of Brasilian Jiu Jitsu in its natural progression.


Recently Junior Jiu Jitsu was unfairly linked to MMA, Boxing and Kick Boxing in the media.

Concerns were raised with knocks and impacts to the head of Juniors. Jiu Jitsu was mentioned alongside MMA, Boxing and Kick Boxing unfairly. The organisation making the claims should have investigated more appropriate research into Jiu Jitsu and the potential of knocks and impacts to the head. Since Jiu Jitsu competition began in Australia in 1995 we have no knowledge of any junior in receipt of any serious knock or impact to the head. There have been hundreds of competitions held since 1995 with over 40 registered in 2015.

We would like to reassure our members that while injuries including knocks and impacts to the head are always a possibility in every contact sport, Jiu Jitsu has a remarkable record of low occurrence.