The AFBJJ will endeavor to ensure the long life of Brasilian Jiu Jitsu in its natural progression.


The AFBJJ maintains a referee certification program. The rules instigated by the IBJJF are updated bi-annually. Courses for both certification and updates are held around the country, usually just prior to an event.

Before the end of the 2015 calendar year a National Head Referee will be appointed for 2016. The National Head Referee will be responsible for the coordination of event referees and also the maintenance of refereeing standards. He will share the appointment with IBJJF and be caretaker of the IBJF rules in Australia.

News of the appointment will be made public on our home page when it is confirmed.

Our certified Black Belt (certified level 3) below (in no particular order) is current as at 1/5/2015

Gustavo Falciroli (National Head Referee)

Lucas Santana (Assistant National Head Referee)
Fabio Andrade
Marcelino de Freitas
Rodolfo Marques
Daniel Almeida
Daniel Lima
Thiago Stefanutti
Murat Besnek
Minol Tutida
Julio Guerra
Anderson Fetter
Arthur Reitzer
Hugo Nunes
Mauricio Boca
Michael Wilson
Michael Hourigan
Brian Hurley
Paul Leahy
Rodney Ellis
Paul Mistakidis
Josephine Masielo
Thiago Braga

Alexandre Santos

Marcel Leteri Sasso de Oliviera

Certified Brown Belt (certified level 2)

Steven Bowerman
Eduardo Braga
Shane Popleton
Marco Marocollo
Marcos Plavnik
Ycaro Marques

Rodrigo Oliveira

Certified Purple Belt (certified level 1)

Nicole Ortiz